Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 29: The Ladies Call Him Sly

A new Re-Play Radio, you say? Surely that can't be right. That show ended when Steve became a rich humor magnate, and Bryan was eaten by that giant wildebeast. But no, it's true. Bryan escaped from the wildebeast belly and Steve lost all his money betting on underground dragon races, so the two got together again to record another podcast. So now you have to sit there and listen to it.

The duo cover such thrilling topics as iPad gaming, Bulletstorm, Tiny Tower, Bastion, and Duke Nukem Forever in What Else. Then it's on to Sly Cooper, which more-or-less morphed into a larger discussion about the series, and then about furries. Finally, Steve ditches his pre-planned Rant notes to talk about happenings with the 3DS price drop.

All that and ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL are just a download away.