Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 29: The Ladies Call Him Sly

A new Re-Play Radio, you say? Surely that can't be right. That show ended when Steve became a rich humor magnate, and Bryan was eaten by that giant wildebeast. But no, it's true. Bryan escaped from the wildebeast belly and Steve lost all his money betting on underground dragon races, so the two got together again to record another podcast. So now you have to sit there and listen to it.

The duo cover such thrilling topics as iPad gaming, Bulletstorm, Tiny Tower, Bastion, and Duke Nukem Forever in What Else. Then it's on to Sly Cooper, which more-or-less morphed into a larger discussion about the series, and then about furries. Finally, Steve ditches his pre-planned Rant notes to talk about happenings with the 3DS price drop.

All that and ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL are just a download away.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 28: Batman is both brave and bold

After a few weeks off due to finals and credit card fraud (seriously), Bryan and Steve are back with a new Re-Play Radio. First it's Outland, Mortal Kombat, and Portal 2 all mixed in a lovely What Else cocktail.

Then it's on to Batman: The Brave and the Bold, a colorful Batman adventure for Bat-fans of all Bat-ages. Finally, Bryan shamelessly plugs the upcoming GeekSpeak reboot in the Re-Play Rant. Plug. Thing.

All that and a frank discussion of Glee plot holes are just a download away.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 27: Beyond 3DS & Evil

Bryan and Steve took a few weeks off for work and other activities, and come back refreshed to regale you with tales of Dragon Age 2, Pokemon Black and White, the Nintendo 3DS and some of its associated launch games in What Else.

Then it's on to Beyond Good & Evil, where the boys discuss clever gameplay mechanics, gay hispanic A.I. programs, humanoid pigs, and Nietzsche. Finally, Steve wonders why 3D-required 3DS games are a supposed taboo in the Re-Play Rant.

All that and a plenty of semi-on-, semi-off-topic discussion of Batman is just a download away.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 26: Sonic's Slow Spinball to Irrelevance

Bryan and Steve are in rare form as they talk about video games but remain entirely uncooked on the inside. In this gripping installment, the boys talk about You Don't Know Jack, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Bulletstorm, Tactics Ogre, and iPhone games in What Else.

Then it's on to Sonic Spinball, also known as the first warning sign of Sega pimping out their franchise hedgehog, when no one heeded the warnings. Finally, Bryan points out the fairly large gulf between iPhone games and the likes of DS and PSP games in the Re-Play Rant.

All that and a frankly bizarre amount of conversation about Inspector Gadget is just a download away.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 25: Bully? Bully!

After an unexpected but entirely justifiable absence, the two handsomest guys in the retro gaming podcasting world return with a brand new Re-Play Radio. In this episode, Bryan and Steve talk about Dawn of War 2, Red Faction: Guerilla, Little Big Planet, and the various iterations of Dead Space in What Else. Then it's time to go back to school with Bully, followed by an impassioned plea for ad campaigns that don't suck in the Re-Play Rant. All that and the best chicken wings this side of the Miss-i-sipp are just a download away.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Re-Play Radio Episode 24: Donkey Kong Redemption

Starting the new year off right, the boys get a fresh episode of Re-Play Radio up on time. Don't get your hopes up, though, resolutions are made to be broken. In this episode, Bryan and Steve talk about Cthulu Saves the World, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Poker Night at the Inventory, Picross 3D, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and more in What Else. Then it's time to throw down with some dot matrix monkey fighting with Donkey Kong for Gameboy. Bryan uses the Re-Play Rant to complain about publishers failing to offer competitive digital pricing, the greedy so-and-sos.

Finally, stick around for our first ever spoiler-filled supplemental section with talk of Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare. Hey! Listen!