Thursday, July 16, 2009

Re-Play Radio Episode 4: Who's a Good Puppy?

The Re-Play Radio juggernaut rolls on as we begin Capcom's forgotten masterpiece, wolf goddess simulator Okami. Will the game's intriguing story and lush graphics stand up to the withering snark of your intrepid hosts? (Answer: Yes, probably.) Also, there's talk of Retro Game Challenge and Call of Juarez in What Else, and we'll tell you exactly why you should devote your attention to finding and playing copies of the Mega Man Legends games in Re-Play Recommends. Download it now, or risk scorn and mockery.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Re-Play Radio Episode 3: Free At Last, Free At Last

Finally! We are free from the tyrannical clutches of Star Wars: Dark Forces!...I mean, we bid a fond farewell to Star Wars: Dark Forces as we wrap up our forced playthrough. Find out what we thought about the senses-shattering duel with Boba Fett, the jaw-dropping ending, and lots of other things I am totally lying about when I describe them. Also: talk of Magic: The Gathering, Tiger Woods, and more in What Else, and Shadows of the Empire is our Re-Play Recommends title for the (two) week(s). Download it now!